Foaming at the window

One of R’s favourite activities is a really simple one. Our living room has patio doors in it leading out into the garden. I got some foam shapes – I bought these ones from Hobbycraft, but you could easily get some foam sheets and cut your own shapes out – and gave her a little tub of water and a paintbrush. I had to show her a couple of times how it worked – she couldn’t quite understand initially that she had to put the foam shapes onto the wet bits of window that she had already painted – but she got the hang of it quickly and it keeps her busy for ages.



I think this is a particularly good wet weather activity – R seems to really enjoy seeing the rain drip down on the other side of the window as the water runs down on her side too.


7 thoughts on “Foaming at the window

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  2. Hello there! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your foam shapes idea is brilliant. We have a load of foam letters that the kids play with in the bath – they stick to the tiles in the same way. Hours of fun!

    Gillian x

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