It’s a game, it’s a snack

Recently, R’s fine motor skills seem to have come on in leaps and bounds. She gets very, very frustrated when she can’t quite manage a fiddly task, though (cue tortured screams as she fails to get the small wooden cat to balance on a tiny plastic swing playset). I got her a great little set from the Early Learning Centre for Christmas, which has several puzzles and games in it – she’s obsessed with puzzles – but it also had threading beads and I thought she’d enjoy playing with them. She loved it, and I began to think about how we could do a similar activity with things around the house.
So, we came up with this game, which is a big hit with R because not only does she like doing the activity, she can also eat the activity. Let’s face it, that seems like a pretty good deal. Learning AND snacking? Awesome.
I put some little blobs of playdough on the table, stuck some strands of dry spaghetti in them, gave her a bowl of multigrain hoop cereal, showed her how to thread them onto the strands of spaghetti, and off she went.

We’ll definitely do this one again; it kept her entertained for a really long time and, as a bonus,  saved me thinking what to give her as a mid-afternoon snack.



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