Command Centre

I’d actually written this activity off, having decided that R was too young for it and I’d go back to it in a few months, but she has taken me by surprise today by suddenly ‘getting’ it and we had a lot of fun.

I few weeks ago, I was trying to find ideas for games that we could play together, and I came up with Command Centre. I wrote out lots of different ‘commands’ on a pieces of paper, that I folded up and put in a tub. The commands were things like:
Pretend you are a dinosaur
Jump up and down
Turn around
Do a dance
Make a noise like a cow
Find something yellow
Sing ‘Heads, shoulders, knees and toes’

I made about 30 commands altogether. Then the idea is that your kid takes one thing out at a time and does the action on the paper. I tried this a few times with R in the last couple of weeks, and while she enjoyed taking the bits of paper out of the tub and putting them back in again, she wasn’t interested in following the instructions. Until this morning, when I looked round and she had got the tub out, taken the lid off, and was holding out a piece of paper to me, waiting for me to tell her what it said! She then very enthusiastically carried out most of the commands. She seemed to really enjoy the physical ones like dancing and jumping, and the ones where she had to pretend to be an animal.

Make a noise like a cow!

Make a noise like a cow!

The only ones that didn’t seem to work were the ones where she had to go and find something – mostly these were colour based. I was quite surprised, as she normally seems to enjoy identifying colours. I think that she just liked the more immediate instructions better. I need to think of a few more of them now to add to the tub – let me know if you have any ideas!


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