Put that in your colander and poke it

The last time I was at Hobbycraft I picked up what they called fuzzy sticks and what I call pipe cleaners. I don’t suppose many pipe smokers go to Hobbycraft for their smoking peripherals, though. Anyway, I wasn’t sure what we were going to do with them but as yet another cold, wet day rolled around I remembered I’d bought them and searched about for a bit of inspiration.

Yet again, the fabulous The Imagination Tree came up trumps, suggesting we poke them through a colander. It doesn’t sound all that exciting, but it kept R occupied for ages, and took lots of concentration. Sometimes she got a little frustrated but aside from a bit of help every now and again she did well at sorting out the problems on her own. She also enjoyed naming the colours and feeling the fuzzy texture.

You do need to keep a careful eye on this activity as they are obviously made of wire, and the ends are quite sharp.

This is quick, clean and easy to set up. It’s useful to know that if any of us take up smoking a pipe, we will have the necessary accoutrements to hand.


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