Normal service will resume shortly. Well, normal for me.

So, loyal readers, for there are at least, ooh, three of you; it’s all been quiet on here for a while. Our circumstances changed rather suddenly – I went from working at home, four days a week (I did full time hours compressed into those days) to working in an office, in a new job that required us to move from Cambridgeshire to Essex. Since then, it’s been a time of hard work and adjustments and it’s only now that some semblance of order seems to have been restored.

Although my new job is brilliant, it has meant some changes that are, frankly, heartbreaking. I miss R terribly when I’m not around, and I particularly miss our one day a week that was just ours. Of course, we have the weekends, but half of our weekends we have Tim’s kids here too, and while that’s fun and great for R, it does mean our one-to-one time is very limited. We’ve found that the town we’ve moved to has some brilliant groups and activities for children, though, and Tim and R go to something exciting almost every day. R is thriving and lovely and sweet and funny and crazy. So it’s all good, really.

However, our crafts and games are also now pretty limited. I get home an hour before her bedtime and quite often we just sit and watch TV, or play with the dolls house, or read a book. Occasionally we potter round to the park that’s just around the corner. And I miss our making time. So here is my vow: I am going to make something with R once a week, or play a new game, or just do something new and fun with her. Because this is a new and challenging time in our lives, and I don’t want to lose sight of what I want our relationship to be like. Even though I’ve got to work out of the home, even though our time together during the week is short, I want to be able to make the most of it. I’m hoping you’ll come along with me, and we can all have a good time together.

And in the meantime, here’s a picture of R on our lovely local Essex beach.  



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