I’m thinking of a number…

I tried a game with R last week, and it was a big hit.

I wrote out numbers one to 10 on bits of paper and then folded them all up. “What you doing?” she kept asking. I said it was a hiding game and that she had to close her eyes and count to 10, which she did. While she was going that I hid the bits of paper around the living room and the kitchen. I put most of them in fairly obvious places – on top of her beanbag, on her toybox etc, and a couple in slightly harder places – under a cushion, on top of a table that’s a bit above her head height. Once she’d finished counting I told her she had to find all the bits of paper and bring them to the coffee table. She needed a little encouragement at first to understand what she had to do, but she picked it up quickly and then was very excited to try and find them.

photo 1

Once she’d found all the numbers, I then asked her to put them in the right order. This was a bit tough at first, but again she picked it up pretty quickly with a little help and was very pleased with herself!

photo 2

We played this three times in a row before she got tired of it, and it was very quick and easy to set up and get going with. A good standby for a rainy day, I think.


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