The Cat In The Hat came back

I know. I said normal service would resume, and then I disappeared. The truth is, life has been very busy, and I have a lot less time with R than I’d like. We’ve moved house and been unpacking and getting to know our new village. However, we’ve also been doing quite a lot of fun stuff, when we’ve had time, and I thought I’d tell you about some of it.

I’m a playwright and love the theatre, so I have been desperate to introduce R to as much theatre as possible. Our first trip, when she was 2, was to see ‘Too Many Penguins’ at the gorgeous Polka in Wimbledon, and was a total disaster – while the other tiny kids sat on the floor enraptured by the action, R screamed so loudly that I had to carry her out, and my ears rang for days. However, since then we’ve seen quite a few shows in various places, and she’s enjoyed every one of them, particularly after the amazing immersive experience of The Sky Is Falling by Scottish Youth Theatre in Glasgow. And as we both now love theatre, I thought I’d include the odd theatre review on this blog from time to time.


on the train on the way to Greenwich

Exciting train journey to get to Greenwich

Last month we took a trip to Greenwich Theatre to see The Cat In The Hat. R is a Dr Seuss fanatic – we have to read at least one Dr Seuss story every bedtime. This has given me the possibly useful ability to recite The Sneetches  and Green Eggs and Ham off by heart, among other tongue-twisting Seussian tales.

Right from her very first sighting of the set, which was rendered in a cartoon-like style faithful to the original illustrations, R was enraptured. From the mournful fish, showering the audience with bubbles in a mesmerising sequence, to the fine balancing of the stately cat – “look at me, look at me, look at me now”, she was completely captivated. The hyper-frantic Thing One and Thing Two were suitably destructive and the slapstick merriment provoked hysterical laughter from a theatre full of equally entranced small children. At 40 minutes it was an excellent length for toddler attention spans, and we spilled out into the sunshine in a bouncy and boisterous mood. The show had a short run, but should it make a reappearance, we can’t recommend it enough.


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